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Cooperation between Private Sector of Iran and Switzerland's Seignant Company in the Field of Crop Seeds Production 2019/07/17
Increase by 4 times in shrimp production in the last six years: Iran seeks to develop export markets for shrimp in the world 2019/07/15
Production of 10 thousand tons of sturgeon and 100 tons of cultivated caviar: On the horizon of 2023 2019/07/14
Joint Research Projects and Pilot Projects of Iran and the Netherlands in the Field of Fisheries Sciences 2019/07/11
Calling for the thirty-third international festival of Khwarizmi 2019/07/09
Forest Futures: Sustainable pathways for forests, landscapes and people in the Asia-Pacific region 2019/07/08
Agriculture Minister Announces; Government to Support IWM Implementation 2019/07/05
Self-sufficiency in wheat production for the fourth consecutive year 2019/07/02
Ninety five percent of animal disease vaccines are produced inside our country, Iran 2019/06/26
International fair of Qingdao entitled Feed to Food in China from Sep. 19 till 21, 2019 2019/06/25
Beginning of the eighteenth Summit of Heads of Chambers of Commerce of the Caspian Sea Countries in Babolsar 2019/06/23
The 26th International Exhibition of Food, Food Technology, and Agriculture (Agrofood 2019), June 18-21 2019, Tehran International Permanent Fairground 2019/06/19
Implementation of IRAN-ICARDA(International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) plan for the production of rain fed wheat 2019/06/18
A bilateral meeting is going to be held between Iran and Turkmenistan to control and eradicate livestock diseases 2019/06/16
Iran and Iraq sign a Memorandum of Understanding for solving veterinary problems 2019/06/15
Congratulations on the Arrival of the Week of Agriculture-Jihad (11-17 June) 2019/06/12
Iran's key role in controlling and eradicating animal diseases in the region 2019/06/11
Iran is the third largest honey producer in the world/ The Honey Bee Industry Strategic Plan was unveiled 2019/06/09
Production of Garlic in IRAN and Export to Various Countries 2019/06/09
Meeting of veterinary committees of Iran, France, China, and Ukraine 2019/06/02
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