The International OIE (Office International des Epizooties) Meeting on Aquatic Health will be held from April 2nd till 4th 2019

International Meeting of the World Organization for Animal Health on Aquatic Health, with the slogan of “Our future is to contribute to the sustainable development of aquaculture” is going to be held from April 2nd till 4th 2019 in Santiago, Chile.

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information centre, quoted by the  veterinary organization of the country, during 3 days, at the International Animal Health Forum Meeting on Aquatic Health, management of transboundary and newborn diseases, bio-security in aquaculture,  advancement and development of disease management,international standards of OIE, and the future of aquatic health in the world will be discussed. 

On the sideline of this meeting, regional meeting of the Asian countries, with the scope of exploring ways to enhance cooperation among Asian countries will be also held. In this meeting, the performance and experience of Iran in controlling aquatic diseases will be also presented.

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