Disastrous damage of flood to the agricultural lands in Iran costs 1.5 million dollars

Director general of the crisis management office and risk management department   at the Ministry of Jihad--Agriculture said: Due to recent rainfall and floods until April 7th, 2019, caused a total of 1.5 million dollars’ damage to the agricultural sector in 16 provinces in Islamic Republic of IRAN.

According to the Ministry of Jihad- Agriculture information centre, IRNA, Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi added that: “Recent flood damaged 46.3% of the crop sector,12.2% of the gardening sector, 19% of livestock sector, poultry and aquatic animals, and 22.5% of the water and soil sector, infrastructure and facilities and water transmission networks.

He also mentioned that 80 percent of the damage was occurred in four provinces, and said: among 16 provinces affected by the recent flood, the greatest damage to the agricultural sector occurred in it is related to Golestan, Khuzestan, Lorestan and Mazandaran provinces.

Mousavi also added that: The recent flood damaged 872 thousand hectares of agricultural lands, including wheat, barley, rapeseed and rice, and 108 thousand hectares of citrus and black root lands.


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